MVOTD: "Rebecca Black" Parody (Day 197)

Star Wars. Rebecca Black. Friday. Mix it together and what do you get? Fun fun fun. That's what.
Thanks to Teddiefilms of the Youtubes, we now have what is best known as Primeday. Primeday mixes that incredibly catchy tune Friday with Star Wars, creating a hybrid of both that is actually playable. Here. Watch.
So...pretty good. Not only does the theme change make it easier to listen to, but it also adds some verve. The characters are recognizable but funny. The costumes are...better than the average person's. The song. Meh. Really, the only irritating thing about the music video is that Princess "Leah's" face doesn't change expression. It's just a pleasant smile, but I think that's on purpose. In general, they do a good job. Good job Teddiefilms.