MVOTD: Month End Review (Day 196)

Now that it is the end of the month, and all music videos have been included, it is time to list the competition for best music video of the month. Due to my being on the wrong computer, and lazy, this list is from memory.

Beast/B2ST                 Mystery
BTOB                           Insane
BYU Vocal Point        Jump Jive
David Bisbal               Aqui y Ahora
Felicia Day                  I'm the Cool One Now
FT Island
F(x)                               Electric Shock
Hangeng                     Kuang Cau
Kim Hyung Jun          oH!aH!
Kim Kyu Jong           
Super Junior               Mr. Simple (Japanese)
Super Junior               Opera (Japanese)
Vihart                           A Song About the Circle Constant

I'll be honest. Hangeng's Kuang Cau won best music video for June as soon as it was posted. If the ferociously confused dog, the dub-stepping, the cheesy epicness, the crazed viking/mongol, or the good costuming wasn't enough to made the music video win, what I discovered later that evening sealed the deal. To see what I found out, follow these instructions.
Here's Hangeng's Kuang Cau (the lower one). Mute it. At about 16-19 seconds (Hand with sand or turantula), start Woodkid's Iron (the upper video). Watch. Note how well Iron suits Hangeng's music video. Note how the lyrics almost match what is happening. Amazing. Just amazing. Super amazing. It works the other way too, but not as well.
That, my friends, is why Hangeng wins. Because he is epic.