MVOTD: FT Island (Day 195)

Today's music video, 새들처럼 (sehdulcharam?) by FT Island, raises the question of celebrity look-a-likes. Do celebrities look alike more often in K-pop or in Hollywood? Now I know that's apples and oranges and thus cannot be a legitimate comparison but it is still a question to be asked.
FT Island's music video for 새들처럼 is quite solid. It has dynamic movement, interesting lighting, attractive Korean dudes, and good pacing. The costumes are good and the song is pleasing. Here's the music video.
What's interesting about this music video was this. At some points in the song, the lead singer looked like one of his co-stars from You're Beautiful, and another guy looked like Max from TVXQ. If I, who have watched over 27 Asian dramas, have memorized and can identify all of Super Junior (no small feat that), and am a huge fan in general of K-pop can misindentify people...well, that must mean something. The question is, I guess, does this happen in Hollywood? Are there celebrities who bear great resemblance to each other? I think, yes it does happen, but I can't think of an example. Can you?