MVOTD: db Explosion (Day 198)

In honour of a certain redhead's birthday, today is a trifecta of db. That is, David Bisbal and David Bustamante.
First up is David Bustamante's A Contracorriente. In it, he hits on a movie his book store...and other places. He cleans up his dirty kitchen (recurring theme?), but not his trashy posters. She falls for him and they try to make-out but his weird roommate shows up. Cue another recurring theme, Bustamante in his underpants...laughing at his roomate dressed up as a penguin. Then cue more romantical scenes. But wait! It turns out that she was using him to cheat on her beau, but she's really sad about it so...he forgives her. What? That makes me want to hurl a little. Their relationship didn't make sense in the first place, and him being all, "Whatever. Who cares if you lied to me and cheated on me." is icky. It's kind of disappointing for Bustamante to do that.
Next up is David Bisbal's Corazon Latino, which is about going to the beach. He originally sang it on Operacion Triunfo, the show that landed him his first record deal. The song was redone for his first album, Corazon Latino. In this, the original performance, what can be said? The back-up dancers' costumes were pretty terrible, and David Bisbal sang pretty well.
To finish up the db trifecta, we have David Bisbal and David Bustamante singing my favourite David Bisbal song, Dimelo. Whenever this song comes on the radio in English I crank up the volume and sing it in Spanish. There is something about this song. The beat or the vocal duet or something that makes it so great. Maybe it is David Bisbal being so much more epic than David Bustamante. Maybe it isn't. Whatever it is, this song rocks, and the performance of it is pretty great too.