MVOTD: Sexy, Free & Single (Day 199)

Super Junior's latest album, their sixth, Sexy, Free & Single, came out on July 1, Canada Day and Leetuek's birthday. Their music video for Sexy, Free & Single came out on June 2nd. Since Super Junior's writer left SM Entertainment their sixth album had to be written by other people and thus obviously has a different style. When I went to listen to it what I wasn't expecting was a sound similar to EXO, SM Entertainment's latest debut. But that's fine, because EXO's sound rocks. 
What can be said about this music video? Crazy fashion attack Batman! Not only is it a new sound, but there are other new things as well: the bad boy look which hasn't been used by Super Junior since Don't Don, the use of couture fashion (So TVXQ!), Kangin being back after missing two albums, lots of them being blonde, Ryeowook getting a new dance move, and Yesung's face being changed. Which brings to mind, YESUNG'S FACE! WHY? It was nice enough as it was. Don't ruin my boys.
The fashion and the choreography for Sexy, Free & Single was frenetic and good. Almost every look was flattering and almost all the dancing was impressive. SM really tried with this music video, and in general did a good job. It's disappointing that Yesung's adorable face has been permanently altered, and it is also disappointing that weird effects were added near the end of the music video, but Sexy, Free & Single succeeds at being an epic Super Junior music video.