MVOTD: I Wanna Love You Tender (Day 207)

By Sav. Ja  Sov. Veilcko Samuli and Engl. San. P. Responan....or Ohjaaja and Mervi Vesala... or Armi Aavikko and Ilkka "Danny" Lipsanen. I think it's Armni and Ilkka. Either way, I Wanna Love You Tender is a Swedish or Finnish music video from I don't know when, and it is amazing. It takes place in space, and there are lots of sweater wearing dancers there.The sweater dancers are amazing, wielding both cheesy and classy moves like it is nothing, but it turns out that they are not the main attraction. The singers, a futuristic poofy haired male and a skinny 50's woman, are very ...unemotional. It's just, amazing. Please enjoy.
Apparently space is where preppy people hang out. :D