Monday Review: Papa

Alright. It's not Monday. I admit it. I just had to review this movie.
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Papa, yes those smiley faces are 'p' sounds, is a wonderfully international Korean movie.

Plot: A man in debt to the mob accidentally gains himself a family while trying to find a popstar for the mob. The family is about as multiracial as you find in a movie, and includes an adorable East Indian girl, two caucasian twins who look strangely familiar, someone vaguely hispanic, a young man of African-American decent, and a young Korean woman. Fortunately for the indebted man, two members of his new family speak Korean so he communicate...and he finds out that his Korean daughter is a great singer. Cue him trying to convince her to become a singer and her being all, "No way", in his face. Comedy and heartwarming events ensue.

Setting: Atlanta, USA. Surprising, yes? Unlike a lot of dramas, where they include the USA by mentioning it and then having someone come home on a plane, this movie actually took place in the States. The vehicles were American. The extras were American. The accents (mostly) were American. It was just so well done/American. I can hardly express how much the Americaness impressed me. Really. Since it was so American, the jokes about misunderstanding each others cultural norms were truly funny, and the task of overcoming those misunderstandings was that much more heartwarming.

In addition to Papa being very American, it was also very Korean. No one hugged the Korean daughter as she cried. Papa was very Korean and tried to make others act Korean. People acted out Korean norms/Korean drama norms. Ahh, it was so good.

Therefore, just go watch the movie.