MVOTD: David Bustamante (Day 208)

David Bustamante. The man never fails to impress. Or unimpress. Whichever it is. In his 2008 music video El Aire Que Me Das he proves two things; that he is not a good dancer, and that he is a creeper. in El Aire Que Me Das David Bustamante begins in the bushland of Spain, doing...who knows what. It doesn't matter though, because his friends come pick him up in a convertable and drive him to a house party. There, he eyes up all the ladies until one smiles at him. Then they sit close to yet far away from each other while Bustamante creepy stares. There's dancing. Bustamante gets thrown into the pool, but he has nothing to worry about. The woman he has been creeping on follows him in and they smooch for awhile. The end.
One of the things I continue to fail to understand is why the women instantly fall for David Bustamante in his music videos. Maybe it is because I only see him as a Spanish pop star in rivalry with David Bisbal, or maybe it is because in most music videos the couple starts as a couple, but I think it's weird every time I see it. Who knows, maybe he has special pheremones. 
As a song, El Aire Que Me Das is catchy and fun. It's dance is less so, as it is mediocre and demonstrates about all the dance moves David Bustamante can do (unless he has learnt some new ones since then). As a music video in general, it is great (if you like campy cheesy stuff that is kind of bad), plus the song is definitely worth a listen. Good job to David Bustamante on that.