MVOTD: MBLAQ (Day 209)

MBLAQ. Y. Reminds me of netspeak. MBLAQ's Y is a catchy tune that they released in two different albums. The music video goes a little something like this:
Awkward shower scene. Dancing. Cars. Dancing. Writing a note. Doing the robot. "Check out my clavicle." Cuddling. Crying. Sexy chin wipe. Dancing. Cuddling. Crying. Dancing. Cars! Dancing. Dancing. Dancing. Phantom girlfriend. Cuteness. Smooching. Sexy lip wipe. Dancing. Going to a party. Dancing. Fighting at the party. More dancing. Gun. ...Gun! Implied murder. Crying. The end.
So...I guess my question is, "why?". Almost everything made sense (in Kpop land), but why kill her? Edwards Cullens much?
As a music video Y gets an 'A' for costumes. While the costumes are weird, they're obviously futuristic and matching in theme/ they have two sets of the same outfit but in different colours. The one suit in the music video is nice and everything else is okay. Lots of the dancing is good, but come moves are...uninspiring, so I will give it a high mediocre grade for dance. All together, the first three minutes are good quality music video. It's the last bit that would lower the grade.