MVOTD: BTOB (Day 185)

BTOB. What does it stand for? Born To Beat, that's what. Debuting this year, they apparently have two singles out already, one being Insane and the other being Irrisistible Lips. In Insane, they say the words "insane, pain, and back again" fairly often. They also light fire to a piano, clutch piano keys romantically in their hands, and cry in front of books. Other than the fact the dancing take place in a piano repair shop (where else would there be six pianos?), the biggest question is which members are still teenagers and which ones are adults. They have such an intersting age range in BTOB after all.
 As a song, Insane is pretty good. It's catchy and fun, but not annoyingly so. For the music video, the costumes are average: not bad, but not brilliant either. The dancing is also okayso Insane earns an average rating as a music video.