No Laggard in Love: Chapter 10 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Hamish told Louise that they were getting married and then took her to meet his aunt. Louise did not find a problem with the plan...because she thought he was joking.

Chapter 10
At the MacBeagle estate, Louise sees how the mansion is literally dying. Then, Kirsty the maid ushers her and Hamish in to see Aunt Catrin. Kirsty implies that Louise and Hamish are dating, and Louise lets it pass since she thinks it’s too difficult to explain. Then, Aunt Catrin also implies that Hamish and Louise are an item, and then demands that Louise stay at her house for propriety's sake. Hamish disagrees and flies off with Louise, but not before Louise notices that Mona the new servant is familiar (as in car accident familiar), is older than she tries to appear, and was once engaged. What could Mona be trying to achieve?