A Day In The Life Of...

Meredith was walking around her house trying to figure out what she should do next. She walked back and forth and back and forth, trying to decide. Then, as she was walking through the dining room, something caught her eye. She turned to the left and looked through the door leading into the bathroom. There was a river coursing over the linoleum (sic) floor. She looked for its source. The WASHING MACHINE! Of course! That things couldn't be trusted.

She yelled for help, "DAD!". No Help. He was outside and couldn't hear her. Well, she was going to have to deal with this. She went to step into the room. Wait! Her Shindong socks were still on and couldn't be mussied. After all, her Super Junior (Shindong) socks were very precious to her. She whipped off her socks and yelled for her father again. Then she leapt into the bathroom through an ever deepening puddle. Plip! Plop! Two giant steps and she was there, turning off the washing machine. She looked inside. It was so full...of water. It, the source, may have been turned off, but the deluge kept on coming. She ran for the mop, leaving wet footprints behind her.

Meredith's mother appeared, curious what could make her yell so. "Ack!" She let out, and immediately put some towels on the floor to stop the roaring current. It was spreading faster than either of them could handle. The overflow left the confines of the bathroom and made its way onto the hardwood floor of the dining room. Meredith's mother threw down a towel and created a tremendous dam. Fortunately, the deluge seemed to have ceased, for the dam was soaked and could hold back no more water.

Still, there was an inch of water on the floor. Meredith, seeing how slow and pointless using the mop was, got a dust pan and started to scoop the water up that way. Using this method the water slowly receeded and dry spots could soon be seen. Then Meredith moved onto other spots while her mother attended to the far corners of the room, removing wet objects and making space. It only took a half hour to clean the mess up, or more. Then the washing machine was tried and found to be leaky, so they reset it. The house was in functioning order once again.

-A True Tale From The McMolberg House