MVOTD: Month End Review (Day 180)

May saw the greatest concentration of English songs MVOTD may have ever seen. Exactly 88.3% of its songs were in English. Most impressive. If you would like to calculate the percentage, the song list for May was:

Audio AdrenalineWe're a Band
CNBlueLove Girl
Joe ChristmasCouple Skate
Joy ElectricBurgundy Years
New Kids on the BlockStep by Step
NSYNCIt's Gonna Be Me
One RepublicSecrets
PFRWonder Why
Savage GardenTruly Madly Deeply
Steve TaylorLifeboat
Steve TaylorJesus is for Losers

There weren't that many blindingly brilliant music videos posted in May, but there were a lot of odd awkward ones. That's why CNBlue's Love Girl, Joy Electric's Brugundy Years, Joe Christmas's Coupleskate, NSYNC's It's Gonna Be Me, and SHINee's Sherlock are the contenders.
Joy Electric's Burgundy Years is certainly the most awkward, because you the audience kind of sit there waiting for something to happen and also because Joy Electric man keeps on crossing his hands and legs whilst wearing leotard. Joe Christmas's Coupleskate is awkward like a teen romance, and is quite charming. CNBlue's Love Girl is charmingly cute, as well as creepily awkward. SHINee's Sherlock has stunningly good moves reminiscent of Micheal Jackson (because apparently they used the same choreographer. Woot woot.), but the actual timeline of the music video doesn't make sense. Are they in the 19th century or in 1965? NSYNC's music video is awkward because it involves them being and flirting with, Barbies.
Considering all this, it's a draw. NSYNC rocks their Barbie plotline, but SHINee dances so well. It's just too hard to decide. Therefore, both Sherlock and It's Gonna Be Me win.