No Laggard in Love: Chapter 5 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Louise Membury tried to escape from Hamish Black. Then the sky fell on her.
Chapter 5 
Louise “Linnet” Membury is trapped underneath her dog in her car... underneath a fallen tree. She is injured…or maybe it’s Wow-wow who is injured. A mysterious man and woman appear and talk about a rendezvous with a “white mini” (obviously Lynnette’s car). However, finding no one but Louise and her crashed Forrester, they abandon the site in fear of being investigated by the cops. Cue fade out.
Louise wakes up again, only to find a familiar voice is transferring her and Wow-wow into a grey Volvo. She wakes up again…only to find herself being served tea in bed by Hamish himself. Hamish was heading home (the place Louise was supposed to rendezvous with Alistair, the bad man who abandoned her) when he found her and saved her. Now he wants to know why she ran off. She can’t remember why. Clearly running away was a bad decision because now she is stuck in his clutches. She plans to leave as soon as she’s able, but…she doesn’t remember where she was heading. Turns out, she’s got amnesia, just like the wireless said she did.