MVOTD: PFR (Day 177b)

Of all the music videos of my childhood, one was my favourite. That music video was Wonder Why by PFR (Pray For Rain). Actually, Wonder Why is my favourite PFR song ever. As a child I liked the convicting tones, the smooth sound, and the wintery contrast of the young lads in the snow. It resonated with me. My favourite part was, "like a man lost at sea, for thirst, is lead to drink the water. The more you drink, the more your throat will run dry." Whether it was the words that got me or the bearded guy's face, I don't know, but that part is great.
As a music video, Wonder Why is pretty solid. Because PFR was a 'rock' (contemporary) group, there is obviously no dancing. There is the classic playing their instruments in open nature though (so 90's). The characters of the music video are twin teenage brothers and a younger lad, all in 'stark' outfits of collared shirts and trousers with suspenders. These characters fight, run, and are sad in the crispness of a forested winter's day. Visually it is very pleasing, and because it is stark, it matches the lyrics. There is also a mystery. Who is the man in red and what significance does he have? Is he representative? Maybe.
All in all, Wonder Why is a good blend of music, vocals, and visuals. A solid music video.