"The Advengers" by Óscar Ares 6ºA

Hi, friends! 
Last saturday I went to the cinema with my friend Alejandro Martinez. We saw the Advengers.
It was great! .Although  I don't like superheros movies, I love this movie!
The Advengers cover
This movie takes a long, but you don´t fell bored because there is a lot of action.
The advengers are five:

  • Hulk: Don't anger it if you don't want to he converts on a giant and green thing.
  • The black widow: Silent, agressive and pretty.
  • Ironman: Sometimes he can't fight on team
  • Captain America: He's a good fighther and he's got an a indestroyer shield.
  • Thor: He's a demigod and he can control the storms.