MVOTD: Joy Electric (Day 177)

Music videos I grew up on continues with Joy Electric's Burgundy Years. I remember this music video being vaguely creepy but cool, because essentially the Joy Electric man lives in Candyland. Strangely enough, my childhood assessment of it is still accurate. Joy Electric man has a dead pan expression and flat hairstyle that can come off as creepy, especially since the background behind him is so festive and joyful. It's like Edward Scissor Hands.
Here's some backstory...on my childhood music videos. 
Previous to the internets ruling the music video realm, there were VHS's. My parents' collection included a Tooth & Nail VHS (which Burgundy Years is from), and a 'Message in the Music' VHS. I guess some friends owned the Steve Taylor VHS, and that plus some music videos taped off of MuchMusic made up the music videos of my youth. Pretty impressive for someone who grew up on farmer vision only the basic channels. Also pretty impressive was this music video.