MVOTD: EXO (Day 140)

SM Entertainment has been releasing teasers about their new group, EXO Planet, since early December. Finally, about a week ago, they released a whole song. Since the concept for EXO was that there would be a Korean group and a Mandarin group, the song was released in both languages. Unlike their predecessors, Super Junior-M, different people sing the parts based on the language the song is being sung in. That means that even though it's the same song, it sounds like two groups did the same version of the same song. ...Even though they are pictured as one group. This feels weird right now, but it probably won't later on. Although, it does make me wonder why SM didn't just start two new groups since there's no vocal crossover.

As far as costuming and set go, EXO plays it safe with stylish jackets, oddly lit rooms, and SHINee style haircuts. There are lots of outdoor scenes featuring members who weren't singing so the two music videos, while featuring different voices, were able to be almost the same. It was all very stylish. Thus far, the EXO Planet seems to be a solid "group". Hopefully they'll get ridiculous later on.

Here's their song What Is Love. First in Mandarin, and then in Korean.
Factoid: Mandarin music videos usually have subtitles because Mandarin is tonal and singing changes the tone.