Ramblings Again (Day 141)

While normally today is review day, I don't have anything that I would like to review. Secret Garden episode 6 was wonderful, complete with histerical body switched characters and plenty of confusion. However, one can't do a review on one episode of a television show. I recently also finished the book Rules of Ascension by David B. Coe, but I already reviewed that as well, although it was only on the first, less good part. So what is there to review? Nothing. Go read or watch something that you feel like reading or watching.

As for me, this week I have mostly been concerned with reminding myself that it is February. Due to plenty of unseasonally warm weather, it has been feeling like spring for the past month. However, that ends tomorrow, when temperatures return to normal (-26 C). Going outside tomorrow is going to be like coming off of a plane from a warmer climate. It is going to suck. However, we will all march outside anyway. What fun.