The Perks of Swing Dancing (Day 73)

The Perks of Going Swing Dancing

Like other things, swing dancing has many benefits. Benefits that help convince people to either come the first time, or to return again and again. And to my friend who reads this blog, no this is not to guilt you. I was just thinking about swing dancing today.

The Benefits are:
  • Dancing is fun
  • Most swing dancers are in a university club
    • Thus they are youthful (18-35)
    • And they are educated. Good for intellectual conversations should you so choose.
  • Swing dancing is exercise and is thus healthy
  • It relieves boredom
  • Better posture
  • You get to touch attractive men without being creepy
  • You get to hang out with attractive guys...sometimes
  • Swing dance moves can be used to figure out other boyband moves
  • You get invited to other events: other swing dancing events, eating out, costume parties, etc.
  • Swing dancers can also be nerds and are thus doubly attractive for being both athletic in a non-althetic manner and for having nerdy interests
  • Costume gazing. Swing dancers often dress in 1920's inspired outfits and are thus interesting to look at
  • Naturally dressing better
  • Learning how to ask people to dance
The best part of swing dancing is going out to dance competently to a fast and fun song with a large group of other dancing couples. You are part of the group, but not. All your home problems slip away. All the social awkwardnesses of the night slip away too. It's just you and your dancing partner in a sea of people, grooving to the best of your ability to the song. It's a very in the moment sort of thing, and the moment can't embarrass or shame you later. It remains a fun memory.

Back on the topic of benefits, some of benefits I noted affect some people more than others. For example, swing dancing gave my brother better posture, a better wardrobe, and social confidence. It hasn't given me those things yet though. I'm still waiting for those.

Onto not swing dancing. In general, I feel like my posts are getting more and more to be just myself shooting myself in the foot. They are not very flattering towards myself and not very interesting to potential readers. I will try to change that problem in the future. If you have suggestions, or maybe more benefits of swing dancing, please let me know.