Music Video of The Day: David Bisbal (Day 73)

What do swing dancing and David Bisbal have in common? Japanese television shows of course.

...I'm kidding. But when I think of David Bisbal and swing dancing together I am reminded of an episode of the original Japanese live action show Hana Kimi. In it two characters dance to the Japanese version of Oy El Boom, and it is amazing. I think it is called either Boom Boom Boom or Chacon Con Con by Hiromi Go. Here is a clip of the Japanese version performed by the esteemed David Bisbal.
Here also is Como Olvidar. The best part is when he runs into a dance party. Or maybe the part where a martial artist is attacking him. Or the part where they jump out of the super tall building to avoid the bomb only to theorically plummet to their dooms, because that's what super heroes do. Use the link to go see the bomb jumping. Otherwise you shall have to suffice with this live version in Valencia.
The real point of this is that David Bisbal rocks.