Comic-Con (Day 77)

Saturday! Saturday in Manitoba.

Today is a special day. Or rather, this weekend is a special weekend. This weekend, sci-fi/artist/wrestler (why?) celebrities are flown into Winnipeg to be displayed before thousands of their adoring fans. Or not so adoring, but either way they come. That's right, this weekend is Central Canada Comic Con...and I am going.

You are probably wondering if people dress up for these events. The answer is yes, about 40% do.

You are probably wondering what people do at these events. The answer is shop for nerdy things, look at art, play video games/board games, and take pictures of other people's sweet sweet costumes. The picture taking is my favourite. People can be so ingenuitive (sic) and skilled. The patience, determination, and work that it takes to make a good costume is really quite something, and needs to be appreciated.

You are probably wondering what the best part is. Answer: hanging out with friends. Without friends, these events would be lonely and the task of looking through hordes of nerd materials would be done expeditiously. Friends make the pictures more fun and give a pleasant dimension to the nerdiness that is happening around you.

What would make this all better? More free events like episode watching, panels, and random tutorials. For now we don't have those. Can we hope for them in the future? I don't know, but I do know that today should be fun. Maybe I'll even talk to a celebrity.