Yesterday's Ketchup (Day 76)

Or rather, yesterday's catch up. Toda's items are sewing and a story.

I started this skirt on Thursday night and finished it on Friday. It is made of a lovely red cotton weave and a white bedsheet. It is the right shape for swing dancing, and I sewed in pretty decorations. However, it is bunchy like early 2000's camo pants. That means it looks bad, and since it looks bad, will rarely be worn. Now it's best use will be to hang out at home during the hot summer months. I don't really know how it got bunchy either, which is the real kicker. What if I want to use a lovely cotton weave in the future?
And now it is story time. Yesterday, after finishing the skirt, I was talking to my brother. I was all like, "Dance!" (direct quote of recent Super Junior song) and he was like "No.". Then I told him I was quoting Super Junior and he replied, "I know." So I changed it to, "Party, let's party."(direct TVXQ/DBSK quote), and he replied, "That's not Super Junior. That's TVXQ."
Now, to a non-K-pop fan, this story isn't interesting, but to me, it shows me how much I talk/listen to K-pop. My brother recognizes song quotes and knows which group said them, and it's all because of me.