Mind Overhaul (Day 42)

My mind is both full and empty. It is pumping out lots of tiny thoughts, but those thoughts amount to nothing because there is no one coherent thought. Thus the sum is less than the total of the parts. And why is it like that? I will blame it on a guy. A guy who once upon a time I had a crush on. The crush that keeps on going, even though a lot of it's reactions have changed, changed so much it might not be called a crush anymore. He talked to be today, and once again I am wondering if I actually like him, and does he like me like my friends think, and if I do like him, why don't I find him physically attractive, and will we be like my older sibling and his wife who liked each other for nine years before dating and getting married, etc., etc. The only thing I do know is that he appreciates me enough to initiate contact, and he enjoys watching the cheesiest horror movies ever (which are indeed the scariest).

At the same time as all of this, I have been wanting to do a review of Super Junior's Mr. Simple photoshoot, Version A. I would call it one of the most botched photoshoots they have ever done. Botched not because they didn't pose well, or work well with what they were given, but because what they were given was so...wrong. The wrong colours, the wrong emphasis, the wrong clothes, and the wrong underpants. This is probably an appropriate time for an example.
See the lime green underpants matched with lime green sports socks and lime green sneakers? Or the guy with the two jackets on (Leeteuk). What you can't see is that those are not pants. He is wearing patterned nylons over briefs. And then there are the boas held over the yellow bicycle shorts which somehow look like fantastic peacock pants from far away. Or the way almost every pair of pants in the photoshoot both emphasized the crotch and didn't match the shirt. They, Super Junior, did a really good job considering all of this. So the summary is: Super Junior good, stylists bad. In my narrative of what happened, the stylists were down two pair of pants so they were like, "Just pose in your underpants", and Leeteuk was like "Umm.....I'm not comfortable with that", so they scrounged up some nylons for him. Siwon on the other hand, decided to give it a try, and now his crotch is printed on who knows how many fan t-shirts worldwide. And that is the photoshoot for Mr.Simple, Version A.

In accordance with the topic, today's music video is Mr. Simple by Super Junior of S.M. Entertainment. I already used it, but it seems appropriate. Be warned, the first 30 seconds have nothing to do with the song. Enjoy!