Monday Review. Review of What? (Day 41)

Yesterday night I watched a wonderful ZE:A music video. It was shot in only one location (a cheesy cruise-esq scene with waves and a boat), and the guys wore sailing outfits. They danced around while smiling. I was convinced it was wonder-cheese in the first 30 seconds. Turns out that that was not the official version. the official version is even better, and has the lead female character from You're Beautiful, the show that introduced me to Super Junior. The song is called Watch Out!!. It has funny chicken/airplane dance moves and the cutest hipster dufus glasses you ere did see. Plus, there is a shirt grabbing scene (very reminiscent of David Bisbal). In addition, there is also a version where they are dressed in animal pajamas (see below). There's even a Piccacho(sic). It give it a 4 out of 5. Or rather, I give ZE:A a 4.5 for being amazing.