The Day Where I Complain About The Word "Shambling" (Day 43)

Let's make this short and sweet.
1) The DM (Dungeon Master) in one of my D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) groups loves to use the word "shambling".
2) He overuses it, using it on zombies, wolves, orcs, etc.
3) He uses it multiple times per encounter (fight), maybe even for 90% of enemy movement.
4) Shambling is only appropriate for zombies, and not other types of enemy creatures.
5) Shambling is not a real word.
6) The word he is looking for is ambling.

Now you cannot see how much it truly bothers me, and the points were short. Ta da! Goal of shortness achieved.
Today's "feel-good music video of the day" is Itaewon Freedom by UV (J.Y. Park and friends) from the company JYP Entertainment. It is especially feel-good today, as it is the third cold cloudy day here in a row. I hope you enjoy 80's cheese.
Side note: J.Y. Park seems like an amazing boss to have. It is not every boss who would do ridiculous music videos and self-embarrassment.