Day 35: Slow Like Dial-Up

For some reason (I couldn't think up a good topic to write about) I waited to blog today until the internet was super-de-dooper-extra-super slow. So slow that I was able to make stove-top hot chocolate while waiting for pages to load. This slowness is reminiscent of dial-up. Except dial-up was faster back in the day due to smaller page/file sizes. The internet here, tonight, is in fact so slow, I tried to load a Youtube video and it sat at zero seconds for over five minutes. I'm not sure why Blogger would work so well (almost normal speed) on such a night, but it does. Good for it. Today was also a slow day as about the only thing that got done was me making hash marks (those lines on American football fields) for a blanket. I suppose that is actually relaxing.

Today's "feel-good music video of the day" is Rokkugo by Super Junior-T of SMENT. I really enjoy this music video. Heechul dresses up as a woman and gets hit on by Leetuek. Eunhyuk and Shindong fight in school. There are random animals and dancing watermelon. They wear sparkly suit jackets. There is also a less good Japanese version of this song if you are so inclined. Unfortunately, the official official video doesn't come up when searched for, so you can now see how ridiculous this song is with english subs? Maybe. Maybe not. Try it out.