Day 36: Hockey

I wrote before that Canadians love hockey, and I think that it is true. Where I live, the Winnipeg Jets are being reborn, and I get to hear about it weekly in the newspaper. Just yesterday the new jerseys came out. I read the article about it, even though I "don't like hockey". The jerseys look okay, if a bit awkward.

Winnipeg went crazy over the Jets returning after 16 years, even though it wasn't even the Jets returning. It was us buying the Atlanta Thrashers, a friend's favourite team (she who also "doesn't like hockey"). When we bought Atlanta's team, people were partying in the streets, or rather, major street intersections. When they went on sale, the season tickets for the next three years sold out in under six minutes. Whenever there is an article related to the Jets in the newspaper, it is featured on the front page. And the team hasn't even played a game yet. I wonder how it will go. They may play well, and they may play poorly, but I can be sure that their efforts will be splashed across our local news excessively for the next year. And strangely, I don't mind very much. This must be hockey love.

Today's music video, although not a happy campy video, does feature hockey, which is what I just rambled about and is thus plot related. The song name is actually in Hangul (Korean letters) but in English it is something like I Will Love You Even If I Die or Even If I Die, I Will Love You. It is by 2AM, a four member ballady group. Their most famous member (to me) is Jo Kwon, because he does this funny dance on every variety tv show he's on. He is so skinny and his dance so goofy.