Day 34: Singing in the Rain

Sing in the Rain has nothing to do with today's topic.

Do you ever feel like you shouldn't do something, but do it anyway because it's what you were planning on doing? Or the other option: feel like you shouldn't do something, analyze why, not figure out any reason why not, and not do it? I do both. That's why today I am not reviewing MBLAQ's Oh Yeah.

Also, have you ever witnessed someone playing Knock Knock Ginger on you? Because I just did. I opened the front door instead of the side door when I heard the doorbell and there was a tween speeding away down the driveway on his bicycle, heading to meet his buddies who were hiding behind our fir tree. Why children? Why? Do something constructive with your time, like building a fort or something.

There's no review today so straight to the music video. Today's is Say No/Take Care of My Girlfriend by B2ST/Beast. This song is the original reason that I like Beast. It sounds romantic, plus has randomly floating lightbulbs. This is also where two Beast members look their most like G.Dragon and T.O.P. from Big Bang, being all gangstafied and what not.