Day 33: How To Be Pretentious Part "3"

Being pretentious is all about knowing everything and having definitive opinions that no one can shake. If your favourite automobile oil is by Motomaster, then you, in your pretentiousness, stick to your guns and cannot be swayed. You also have several reasons why it is the best, all of which are fantastic reasons. If you can argue confidently enough, having logical reasons won't even matter. So this week, start deciding what you like and remember that you cannot be swayed. Also remember that you know everything. If you feel the desire to stick your nose and chin in the air because of this, do so. That lets everyone know that you know everything.

Today's "feel-good music video of the day" is Billie Piper's Because We Want To, by Emimusic. Billie Piper had a pop career full of dancing and singing and then she acted on Doctor Who. Having seen her first in Doctor Who, this music video was kind of a shock to me. Watch the whole thing. It is worth it.