Day 26: How to Be Prententious Part 2B

Today's lesson in pretentiousness is in who you know. Pretentious people always know someone famous, or someone who is a genius, or someone who is rich. You can know these people too. Think of the most classy people you know. They are now either a lady or a gentleman (or other describing word that sounds hoity toity like "doctor", "genius", "seminarian", etc.). Example, "I cannot wait until lady Shannon invites me over for tea again." Using such formal names will probably lead to questions, so you should practice your aversion tactics. One could try; "Oh, you know, lady Shannon.", "You don't KNOW lady Shannon???", "Anyone who is anyone knows lady Shannon. Can it be that you do not? How embarrassing.", or "I met her during schooling". You can use one of these or make up your own. Be creative.

Today's hoity toity artsy movie is Silencio by David Bisbal of Vale Music. David Bisbal is not hoity toity, so the attempt kind of fails, but it does make one pine for his dancing days. Those heady hip thrusting, knee kicking, 360 degree turning dancing days. I was at his concert once, and he only did 1 1/2 twirls. He does however, actually play air guitarre, just like in Silencio. That's legit. Pretty much all his Silencio moves are real ones that he will do in concerts. Forget the Ave Maria moves of the past, this is now, and now is air guitarre.