Day 27: Text Review

If the medium is the message, does dance count as a text that can be read? I don't think that matters, but here is a dance video you should watch.
I like dancing, and just this year starting going to social swing dance nights. There we have learned Jive and Lindy Hop. This video is Max and Annie doing Tango and Lindy Hop. They are professionals, so it is only natural that at 2:28 Max should be wearing the hat and at 2:30 after doing an aerial, Annie is wearing the hat, which she grabbed during the aerial. They are professionals, so it is also natural that most people could never do what they do. Someday, I want to go see cool stuff like this live.
I would also like to see this live. And yes the team in purple and black are Max and Annie.

Yesterday, Adele won some MTV awards for her music video Rolling in the Deep. The newspaper said so, so I looked it up on Youtube. She has over 118 million views for that particular video. That's 11 times David Bisbal's Youtube hits for Ave Maria. Her music video was pretty strong, with effective lighting, interesting features, a dancing ninja, and Adele - who is not your typical popstar. It also disappointed me a little that she never stood up. She only had one sitting position the entire time. On the positive side, the smashing plates reminded me of Silencio by David Bisbal, and the ninja stabbing the ground reminded me of Digale by David Bisbal. I give the music video a 3.5 out of 5, because while it was solid, it wasn't terribly interesting and I am kind of sick of that song. Here it is.