Day 25: Measuring Distance in Canada

First, apologies because my brain is muddled from the summer heat.

Measuring distance in Canada is like a rat trying to figure out banking. Officially, distance is measured in kilometres. How many Canadians actually think in kilometres though? I would say none in my area, where all roads are divided into miles. So it is 2 miles to my friend's house, according to the mile road. How many kilometres? Well, that requires a mathematical equation. The real answer is five minutes, because in reality distance is measured in time. If you tell a Canadian how far something is in kilometres, expect this reaction: "but how far is it?". The answer they want is time -- how long will it take? And then expect the second question. "How fast?"

So how far is it to the nearest town? 15 minutes at speed limit. That's distance for you.

Today's music video is Mirotic by TVXQ/DBSK. This music video involves some lady torturing our poor heroes.