Girl Scout Cookie Blizzards

This is my third ice cream post in as many weeks, so you know that it must be summer, despite what the weather report says. (I actually prefer cooler weather, so, if you ask me, this has been the greatest summer ever!) Anyway, I had to tell you about the limited-edition blizzards that Dairy Queen is offering this summer! You have probably guessed it by now. Girl Scout cookie blizzards!! Yum! Trans fat goodness! Last month DQ featured Tagalong blizzards and this month freezer friendly Thin Mints are on the menu! Even with my aversion to trans fats, I did try the Tagalong blizzard last month and was not disappointed! Totally worth it! I can't wait to try the Thin Mint version! Oh, and even though these were supposed to be available for a limited time, it looks like DQ is still offering the Tagalong flavor, so if you didn't make it to DQ last month, it's not too late!

On a side note, last month a goofy picture of me appeared on I Heart Handmade . . .because I heart handmade. Anyway, if you're into handmade items, check it out. It's a great site for crafty folks and the people that love them. Thanks, Marichelle!