Fresh Chanterelles here now!

Just a quick note to say guess what landed on our shores today! Well, not quite today, but today was when I discovered that they were here. Fresh chanterelles!!! Yes, it's been that long since the previous time I came across them at a local specialty food store. And it's been that long since I have been checking back to see if they have returned.

And today, when I was looking for some fresh thyme, these beloved forest creatures caught me totally by surprise. Fresh chanterelles are, as you can surmise by now, not regularly available here. My chanterelle cravings are usually sated vicariously through this blog. But they are mine!

Now, to anyone who actually is lucky enough to have these mushrooms grow near them, know that I use the term "fresh" quite loosely. These specimens are imported so may be less sprightly for their long trip over to the tropics. But having them here, neither frozen nor dried, is thrill enough for us!

If you are in Manila, you can find these lovelies at Santis Delicatessen Rockwell branch...while supplies last. They are quite pricey (at P1000++ per kilo) but you can purchase 100-200 grams and enjoy them anyway :) Or splurge and freeze what you won't use immediately.

We had these for dinner simply sauteed with some butter, garlic, parsley, and cream alongside a roast chicken that C cooked. Happy Sunday indeed!