Tomatoes and the Media

Such an ominous title! The tomatoes one usually equates with the media are of the rotten variety... figuratively thrown at their ill-fated targets. But, as you can see here, these tomatoes are in good spirits – fresh, sparkly, and ready for anything.

I can never resist cherry tomatoes, especially when they come in different sizes (from cherry to blueberry), shapes (check out the elongated ones in the foreground), and colors (from brilliant reds, to pale orange, to green). I found these ones at the Sunday market in my neighbourhood. So no, these were not a sweet gift from the media :)

I do have two media mentions to share though, both being occasions about which I was fairly excited/nervous (eep!). I'm happy to report that, so far, no rotten tomatoes in sight!

The first is a feature on food bloggers in this month’s issue of Rogue magazine (their 2009 Appetite issue). I have mentioned Rogue before (over here) and since then they have just gotten better and better. A more interesting and cutting edge local magazine I would be hard pressed to find. And I’m not just saying that because it was through their shoot that I got to meet awesome veteran photographer Neal Oshima, oh no. Not even because they bought me the sweet smelling watermelon I posed with (yes, me and a watermelon, proceed with caution!), no no. I say it because it’s’s always a pleasure to read through Rogue :) Why was I nervous? Because I was desperate that I not turn into a blathering dork in front of afore-mentioned awesome photographer (who also happened to be really nice and funny!). To this day I any case, it was a very good watermelon!

I’m there with 9 other food bloggers from these parts: Marketman of Market Manila, Lori of Dessert Comes First, Anton of Our Awesome Planet, Spanky of Manila Boy, Ivan of Ivan About Town, Christine of Hundred Pound Foodie, and Franco, Paul, and Mariko of Table for Three Please. The write-up was done by a good food-loving friend (who I met through blogging!) who also happens to be a great writer (and she did a terrific job!). Yay :)

Now, the second...the second actually involved a lot more nervousness. Why? Because I haven’t really been on TV much. At all. Gulp. But you only live once so I decided to be bold and say yes! It’ll just be a short interview about this blog with one of the most charming hosts that ever walked our shores (yes, she is just as lovely as she looks!) if you’re curious, and in the Philippines, tune in to Studio 23 this Sunday, August 9, at 7:00pm :) Hopefully there will be no rotten tomatoes!

As for the tomatoes in the photo? These went into one of my favourite tomato salads...I have this funny thing about tomatoes and salads. But that’s for another day...