Happy New Year!!!

Hello 2009!

We had an extra-long holiday this year and I am just recovering.

We first headed down south to Davao for a wild and wonderful wedding, fabulous feasting (incredible fresh tuna - raw, grilled, and everything in between!), and unrepentant relaxation. Well, relaxation for me as C and my mom were busy kayaking and what-not (endorphin chasing I suppose) -- by the time we got back to the city he was down with a horrible flu! So despite the many holiday celebrations/meals/parties lined up, we were forced to forgo most and hole up in out flat for Christmas. And the truth of it is...it wasn't bad at all! A sort-of escape from all the clamor, we spent a quiet Christmas eating take-out (I was lazy!) and opening our presents together in our pajamas...after which we burrowed back in bed where I put a dent in my reading while getting up occassionaly to give C his medicines. Horrible, shameless, decadent, laziness! Was there any any grand meal preparations? No. But as I lost track of time in the middle of my book-pile and that awesome way the sheets feel when you're in them all day, I couldn't really bring myself to bother. A quiet Christmas...I enjoyed it more than I expected :)

Although C was up and about after a bit, we seemed to unconsciously continue that peace throughout the holiday -- first a visit to his mom's farm where I spent a marvellously indulgent day doing nothing but tending a pot of chili in between cocktails, then a relatively quiet New Year's (well, as "quiet" as a New Year's Eve can be) in my mom's flat (with her delicious sopa cartuja). And days of sleeping in all throughout!

Now here I am, on the cusp of a brand new year, stretching as if awakened from a deep luxurious sleep...still a bit foggy-eyed but ready to jump right in :) Look out 2009...I'm awake, and I'm hungry! ;)

Happy New Year everyone!

***Don't think I've forgotten! I've counted the votes, and checked them twice, and will be announcing the winner of HHDD: Pesto shortly!