MVOTD: TVXQ vs Hangeng The Review (Day 255)

When I set my allstars against each other, I got Mom to randomly write out the numbers. That way it would be truly random. Therefore, imagine my shock and dismay when TVXQ's Balloons was set up against Hangeng's Kuang Cao, for surely there was no competition between the two. I didn't even have to watch the music videos. I knew Balloons would win, because Balloons is amazing. Even watching Kuang Cao to the sounds of Woodkid's Iron wouldn't make up for it.
Here's the breakdown.
That about explains it. Balloons is so embarassing and adorable that it makes its competitors explode. Not only that, but Jaejoong gives a kid a dirty look and looks uncomfortable the whole time. It's just too delicious. TVXQ's Balloons goes onto the second round.