MVOTD: Month End Review (Day 253)

Movember finally ends. All you folks who were tortured by greasy mustaches can now be tortured by the winner of November's Music Video Of The Day, but you know, tortured in a good way.
 The candidates for November are;

Big BangBlue
DBSK/TVXQSurvivor (Japanese)
Miss AI Don't Need a Man
Psy, featuring MC HammerGangnam Style
Younique UnitMaxstep

People who will obviously not win: Big Bang because their video was boring, Younique Unit because they failed to include Max in Maxstep, and Boyfriend because they told me I'm not a Batgirl.
Now that we have taken out the people who will not win, it is time to consider who might win. TVXQ or Psy might win, that's who. Miss A put together a great song and good music video, but it's about as hard to defeat a bad TVXQ music video as it is to deny that Psy has world reknown. Therefore, TVXQ's The Way U Are head to head against Psy, featuring MC Hammer.
And the winner is...
they both win. Oh how this messes up December.