MVOTD: TVXQ (Day 253)

Thanks to two bad late night decisions, TVXQ's Humanoids makes it into the November line-up. I would have reviewed it anyway, but now you get the 1 AM semi-awake review version.

The reason Humanoids needed to be reviewed? It's pretty much TVXQ's Japanese song Android, but Korean.

Things to talk about? The steam punk theme.
Is it just me, or are there a lot of clockwork gears and pocket watches flying around this music video?
There is an obvious steam punk theme going on here, so why are TVXQ still wearing metallic fabric and pastels for the third music video in a row? They're handsome guys, so give them a break. They'd look great in say...
Steam punk outfits. Yup. Enough said.
As for the video part of the video, it was okay. One of the best parts was at the beginning where Max was standing in the position you stand in when you are trying to make a weird voice. You know, when your chin touches your neck so that your voice can go deeper and softer at the same time. Yeah, that position. I also really appreciated the teleporting, the dancing. Yunho grabbing his peck (that's not your heart dearie. You've just been in a boyband too long), the breakdown, and TVXQ wearing anything that was black or suit related.
In general, a pretty good SM video.