Monday Review: The Bacon Genie

The Bacon Genie.
An ingenious plastic (vaguely lamp shaped) device that allows you to heat your bacon in the microwave while dripping off the fat. 
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My mom bought one of these one sale at Safeway Grocery, so we just had to test it out.
Our first question: Why would someone microwave bacon? Are they a college student with no access to an oven or stove? Are they too lazy to put it on paper towel?
We didn't come up with an answer.
We did find out that the Bacon Genie looks huge when you put it together though. It has to be able to drape 7 inches of bacon over it after all. It fits about 9 pieces of bacon at a time.
Then you microwave it for about 10 minutes (which is a huge time to microwave anything really).
 After 10 minutes of microwaving, we were still unsatisfied with the cookedness of the bacon. It was still very pink, and the neck of the Bacon Genie was bending with the weight of...with the weight was bending. We put it in for a goodly amount of time more, probably five minutes, even though it suggests two minute spurts if 10 minutes isn't enough for you.
And we got this product. Ta da! Definitely cooked. Definitely less oily than pan fried or oven cooked bacon. Different taste too. The taste is hard to describe and the best explanation is those styrofoamy health chips, which isn't a great explanation.
We were very satisfied with our experiment with the Bacon Genie. I don't think we'll really use it again, but it was fun to try and figure out how to microwave bacon. I would suggest the Bacon Genie to people who want as little fat in their bacon as possible. Otherwise, just put your bacon on some paper towel if you are a college student. You need the paper towel anyway. Everyone else, just use your oven/stove.