MVOTD: Julia & Andrew (Day 239)

Today's MVOTD comes to you curtesy of Facebook. Yes, it's artsy. It's funny. It's catchy. It's Julia Bentley and Andrew Gunadie's Canadian, Please. Otherwise known as the Canadian Dance Moves Youtube video. It's full of Canadian references, catchy beats, and smooth jazzy voices.
My favourite part is the song, but a lot of the dance moves have merit. Such moves include the Friendly Backpacker, the Beaver, Pile the Poutine, and Cold as Ice. Also, I appreciate how many outfits they make out of a very limited wardrobe. They've only got about 3 hats all told, and that tiny tie gets used over and over. Very impressive, and quite distracting, er, entertaining. Yes, Quite.
The original music video is pretty much just as good as the dance moves one. Sweet Mountie costumes too.
The original version also has handy subtitles so that you can tell what they're singing in the chorus. How handy.