MVOTD: C-Real (Day 238)

If Joma Joma is anything to go by, C-Real is trying to be the purist cutesy girl group in Kpopdom. Just check out their outfits.
Picture credits to the Youtube video of course.
That's right, not only do they wear more clothes than the average Kpop girl group, they also do all the cute aigoo actions. Yes. That means index finger bouncing, bwing bwing paws, puzzled looks, and the ever popular innocent fighter stance. C-Real does an amazingly good job of being aigoo and are kind of respectable.
More than their appearance and aigoo factor though, C-Real is respectable because they sing well and have enjoyable songs. Joma Joma was catchy and fun. That one about love was also really nice.
Here's Joma Joma.