MVOTD: Jang Woo Young and Friends (Day 236)

Cue video with extensive name list. Song title, Classic. Who sings it, ...a bunch of people, most notably that blonde guy who does the owl move. That's right, Woo Young.
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Every time I see him with that blonde coiffe, I think, "Owl! Owl!" because of his music video Sexy Lady where he does the owl move.
Classic's real title is [M/V] Classic [J.Y. Park 박진영, Taecyeon 택연, Wooyoung 우영, Suzy 수지] , but I think that's a little too long to use as my own title. Needless to say, all four celebrities named appear in the music video and may or may not have a singing part. J.Y.Park's appearance is no surprise because he shows up in all JYP videos. The real mystery is Taecyeon, who I personally think shows up just to be attractive and tall. The scene where he and Woo Young play basketball in a parking garage certainly does nothing for the music video. All it does is establish that they are gangsta friends who do no real talking.
Cue the masquerade prom engagement party where it should be obvious the lady (Suzy) does not like her suitor. No one notices though, until she runs off, meets owl Woo Young and they flirt a bit. Mr. J.Y.Park notices though, which leads to...nothing. Therefore, they secretly meet on rootop balconies for more flirting. J.Y.Park menacingly hands another guy an envelope. Is that Taecyeon? Oh no! Their friendship is broken because Woo Young flirted with Suzy at a party where Taecyeon was employed as the DJ! Then J.Y.Park waits at the altar with the fiance man, while Taecyeon gives wedding dress Suzy a giant pair of men's sneakers. Oh wait. It was a ruse! Woo Young shows up to run off with Suzy, while Taecyeon raps with a gorgeous english accent (oh the proper pronounciation of "L's"). Then Taecyeon beats up the goons J.Y.Park sends after Woo Young while Woo Young and Suzy escape in an empty bus. Amazing. Just amazing. The storyline makes sense if you add in some details, like J.Y.Park really being Suzy's mafia father and Taecyeon being a martial artist champion working as a DJ for the mob. ...Or maybe not the mob part. Either way it was good for at least one view. I challenge SM to do a better job with their next Super Junior video.