MVOTD: Cross Gene (Day 235)

Cross Gene. New group. Most interesting thing about them? They do static dancing. Their music video improves with views, although their red jackets never quite stop looking like the carpeting in that one room where the pink guy pretends to lay down but is really standing up (which bothers me because we can all tell that he's standing).
The beginning is really cute in a way. You know how sometimes foreign accents sound cute with certain phrases? They achieve that cuteness with, "eyes off of you". Also, I wonder what a "rotic diet" is. I guess I will never know.
Kpop, it seems, has come to a place where sets look reminiscent of each other. Thanks to Felicia and the 'U' shaped set of DOOM I was reminded of EXO, 2NE1, and TVXQ in the first 30 seconds alone. It was fortunate that they danced sitting down, so that there was something new happening. That, the set made of of lit umbrella type things, and the set made of microphones, kept the interest until Cross Gene did the classic line-up dance moves of hallucination hands, right turn, and left turn with a twist. With the addition of a head nod, they could win any teen group dance competition. They then take it up a notch and whip out their static dance moves. These are actually really interesting because they chose one area of their bodies to be static and move the rest of themselves. The concept is so simple but functional. It's kind of fascinating.
I think I kind of like them. Here's hoping that they put out another music video.