MVOTD: JYJ (Day 217b)

Because the Wonder Girls are not the only ones to have a terrible English music video featuring a famous English rapper, here's JYJ's Ayy Girl which features Kayne West and Malik Yusef. JYJ was formed by former TVXQ members after their break up in 2009. The group name JYJ is based off of its member's names; Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong.
While the Wonder Girls went with a space/sci-fi theme, JYJ went with the gods of Olympus complete with bad CG. I don't know who picks these themes, but they are pretty terrible. Just go with normal themes already.
The Wonder Girls' Like Money was bad because things weren't done as well as they could have been. It wasn't so bad that it was good. That is where JYJ defeats them. JYJ's Ayy Girl was so bad that it is good. Just take a gander at the costumes.

I think Junsu's bib shirt was probably the worst style choice and also one of the funniest. Since for Koreans the back is sexy, the bib shirt is meant to be sexy.... yet it obviously fails. Also funny were the various attempts at making Jaejoong sexy. Transluscent suit anyone? Ab flashing shirt anyone? Jaejoong is so pretty that making him sexy is just kind of awkward, but good try.
As for dancing, JYJ's dancing was fine. The rest of the scenes gave the music video comedic  value. Scenes like all the members epically throwing lightning, slow motion dancing, random running at the camera, bad costuming, and bad English.
Atleast you can tell that the Wonder Girls are singing in English. JYJ leaves you trying to figure out what they are saying. However, JYJ succeeds where the Wonder Girls fail. Their terrible music video is actually kind of good. Good job JYJ.