MVOTD: Dalmation (Day 218)

Today's music video is chosen in honour of excessive bare chest. As in, someone decided that pants were a good enough costume and that very fact is funny.
In South Korea, groups have many ways of attracting fans. They act cute or silly or serious or sexy, and they dance and sing. Sexiness is often determined by how much shoulder or back or cleavage/chest is showing, the dance, the rubbing of the lips, and other techniques that don't really work on North Americans. Dalmation, or their producers, decided that they were going to take the exposed skin form of sexiness and take it to the next level. Apparently the next level is naked chests.
I hope this picture reminds you of Twilight. Jacob and the werewolves anyone?
The concept of the music video has potential. The members of Dalmation were all victims of an automobile accident and were sent to the morgue. One in the's just so bad. The attending surgeon proceeds to cut their shirts open and "check their pulse", yet she makes no incisions. It's such an obvious ploy to get their shirts off, and that's boring. Now let's say, if they were in an accident and the attending surgeon actually did an autopsy, that would have been an interesting concept. Or if they were rushed to the hospital for emergency surgeories, and there were people agonizing in the hall outside of the operating room. That would have also been interesting. Just don't patronize me with characters that don't make sense.
The costuming, what costuming there was, was solid. The suits were good. The tattoos were well done and complimented the members physic. Even the punk outfits were okay. This hair style was even entertaining.
It's a hair shelf!
The amount of bare chest became awkward when they did a straight cut of dancing with no shirts on. Maybe it was the touching each other or maybe it was that groups don't dance sycnronized with no shirts on. It was just excessive. I also kept on mentally comparing them to MBLAQ, thinking, "Are they trying to be MBLAQ without the sexy dancing?", since MBLAQ keeps their clothes on but do lots of sexy dancing (shirts for dance equal trade?).
There was really too much going on in the music video to pay much attention to the dance or the song, but both were okay. Dalmation's ER gets an above average grade because it added a ridiculous concept and awkwardness to its solid basics of a good music video.