No Laggard in Love: Chapter 6&7 Review

Last time in No Laggard in Love, Louise Membury woke up in a strange man's house after having a tree fall on her car.
Chapter 6
After telling Hamish that she can’t remember what she’s doing in Scotland, Louise gets him to go collect her luggage from her tree trashed car. Whilst he is gone, she explores the house and begins to remember what happened in the previous week. She remembers about breaking the engagement, but not the secret smuggled package.
Chapter 7
Hamish returns with her luggage, which had been ransacked by mysterious forces (Alistair, clearly) in the bush. He questions her on her returned memory, but she won’t tell him anything because breaking off Lynnette’s engagement is none of his business. However, she does arouse his curiosity by knowing more about Alistair than she should. She does this by asking about the “Big House”, and the “inheritance” (which Alistair was going to claim), and “the nephew from Canada”. Hamish answers her questions, but is very suspicious of her. He tells her that his aunt, who disowned him, lives at the Big House and he is suspicious of Alistair because he doesn’t want his aunt to be swindled. Then he tells Louise that she is going to be staying upstairs in the spare bedroom, because it is the only place to stay for miles and miles around. Louise is scandalized.