MVOTD: Super Junior (Day 183)

Beast has their for-the-fans music videos, and so does Super Junior. This spring, Super Junior made a Japanese language version of Opera, because the fans wanted it.
There are lots of good things about the Opera music video. Number One: it's a music video of a song that came out last fall, refreshing the song for us fangirl types. Number Two: the theme is blindingly obvious. It's Phantom of...the Opera, which suits it quite well. Number Three: Any music video of Super Junior is a good music video. Even Superman which was just clips from Super Show 4 was good because it made Superman available on Youtube.
There were several nice thing about the music video; jeweled chandeliers, candles, Siwon 'turning on' the candles, the hauntingly good bass part, Yesung looking sexy (how weird eh?), and Eunhyuk (that twiggy guy's) dancing parts. There were some not so great things too, like the cowl necks, excessive use of dissappearing and reappearing, lots of mediocre dancing, and bad choice in costume fabric. In general though, it is a good music video.