MVOTD: Felicia Day (Day 184)

The revenge song. A classic ballad that often gets into the top 40 because people like being vindictive.
There's a new revenge song in town. Felicia Day and The Guild sing, get this, I'm the One That's Cool. Yup. And why are they cool? Because they're nerds.
Nerd revenge. Is there anything more awkward or oddly overdone? Maybe. In I'm the One That's Cool, they intersperse shots of the band with shots of the band mates dressed up in 90's nerd apparel being bullied. Visually, it's appealing and lyrically it's entertaining. There are the nerdy references, of course, for those who care, and the end is really fun with all the bullies gathered to play Rockband. 
What this all really reminds me of is a book my friend once wrote called, "Nerds Grow Up To Be Superstars". The message being personality and skills win, whoever you are.